Sunday, October 4, 2009

Web 2.0 startups. Choice of JavaScript framework

Hvilke erfaringer har du med de nævnte javscript frameworks?

What framework do you use? What do you prefer? What do you miss?


It is incredible how far web technologies have advanced over the last several years, and it would be hard to dispute that JavaScript frameworks were among the main forces to drive this progress. By providing a wide set of tools, and, more importantly, by making client-side scripting easy to learn and use they allowed web developers to build complex, robust, and highly interactive online applications quickly and efficiently.

Nevertheless, while aiming to solve similar problems, modern JavaScript frameworks differ in their approaches. The choice of the right tool for the job is often not an obvious task which depends on both the team and the project at hand. As it is one of the earliest decisions an engineering team has to make when starting a new project, we decided to write this white paper in order try to help you make this decision in an informed and consistent manner. [...]

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