Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Impact of a Global Temperature Rise of 4 Celsius

Forestil dig mængden af energi der skal til for at opvarme jorden atmosfære med 4 grader ... Hvis vi kunne tage denne energi tilbage igen ville vi have rigeligt til alle i årtier frem ...

Imagine all that energy needed to heat up the atmosphere by 4 degrees ... Let's pull it out agin and we'll have enough energy for decades ...


A map launched at the Science Museum in London has been developed using the latest peer-reviewed science from the Met Office Hadley Centre and other leading impact scientists. It shows that the land will heat up more quickly than the sea, and high latitudes, particularly the Arctic, will have larger temperature increases

• Read more: Science Museum unveils climate change map showing impact of 4C rise
• Watch the video of the launch

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