Friday, October 2, 2009

Charting the Final Frontier--Google Maps for Indoors

Google finder den korteste vej fra soveværelset og til køkkenet ...

Big Brother is mapping you ... Give me directions to the kitchen please ...



Available as a free service to users of the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm or Android mobile handsets, Micello displays the Google maps to an address adorned with icons showing where indoor maps are available. Once the user arrives at an address, clicking on the Micello icon overlays the indoor map. Search for a particular venue inside, and Micello highlights a recommended route from your current location. Future versions will also provide directions from your car in the parking lot, as well as store-to-store directions once inside a mall.

Micello also plans to personalize maps by highlighting items that may be of interest to users based on their profile and history, as well as allow them to share their location with Facebook friends, Twitter followers or LinkedIn contacts. In addition, users will be encouraged to crowd-source information about destinations by posting reviews about points of interest.

When Micello becomes available later this fall for the iPhone, it will come with maps for 150 points of interest in the Bay Area, with the rest of California slated for mapping by the end of the year. The other major cities, plus versions for BlackBerry, Palm and Android, are promised by the end of 2010, at which time Micello estimates it will have 5,000 shopping malls, 10,000 college campuses and 400 convention centers in its growing database. Locations will also include airports, stadiums, theme parks, golf courses, fitness centers and other venues where people naturally congregate. [...]

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