Monday, October 5, 2009

Gaia WFS-T Extenders

Absolut et værdigt alternativ til de kommercielle produkter derude ...

Another killer app/extension from the Carbon Project ...


The Gaia WFS-T Extenders package is the world's most powerful tool to digitize, edit or delete data on any vendor's Web Feature Service Transactional (WFS-T). This solution is compatible with services from ESRI, Intergraph, CubeWerx, GeoServer and more. The Gaia WFS-T Extender includes powerful schema analysis and feature profiling tools that allow automated and manual fine-tuning of the transaction templates. The features edits are maintained locally offline and can be saved to a Gaia session file (GSF), when ready the edits may be committed to the Web service as a bulk transaction that includes all the requested changes.

The Gaia WFS-T Extenders package includes the Geometry Snap Tools, an Extender that adds advanced snapping capabilities to geometry editing. The snapping capability can be adjusted to apply only to the currently edited layer, or to any features in the session.

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