Monday, October 5, 2009

Export My Map as KML

Nyttigt tip ...

Thanx for the tip ...


A number of people want to export their data from "My Maps", and Google provide a KML export. However there is a common gotcha when attempting it, so thought would post it here.


A shortcut

Right click 'View in Google Earth' and copy the link to the clipboard - now paste this into the address bar but change the [ output=nl ] to [ output=kml ], press Go, and viola!


The longer explanation

The 'View in Google Earth' rightly produces a KML file, which when loaded up in Google Earth displays your map, great! However this KML file you download is a "Network Link" or pointer to another URL. This is done so that as you update the map on Google Maps, Google Earth can actully refetch the content so that changes are visible. But this makes the KML file not very useful for getting the actual data.

If you view the file it looks something like this: [...]

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