Saturday, September 4, 2010

From the Inbox: Vote: Great Outdoors, Great Ideas

Wildlife Alert

Vote for Our Great Outdoors

Lynx Kits (FWS / Maine DIFW)

Pristine habitat is essential to the survival of imperiled lynx and other wildlife.

Lynx. Wolves. Polar bears.

Each of these wondrous, imperiled animals relies on America’s great outdoors to survive… and they are all counting on you to speak out and vote in an unprecedented effort by federal officials to collect citizen input on the management and preservation of America’s great wild spaces.

In response to the Obama Administration’s Great Outdoors initiative, Defenders of Wildlife’s staff of experts has put together a series of ideas, and we need your vote to make them a reality.

Help wildlife conservation be one of the top 10 ideas for America’s Great Outdoors!

Please register as a member of the Great Outdoors America Community and cast your vote for one of these great ideas (details voting instructions are listed below this list):

Idea #1: Protect and Restore Ecosystems that are Resilient to Climate Change.

To assist fish, wildlife and other natural resources and human communities to adapt to climate change, any initiative must include the conservation of large, connected landscapes to help build resiliency.

Polar bear (USFWS)

The decisions we make today may well determine the fate of imperiled polar bears, lynx, wolverines and other animals threatened by climate change.

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Idea #2: Focus Federal Resources on Key Places.

Whether it’s the treasured watershed of the Chesapeake Bay or Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada Mountains that provide most of California’s water supply, some places – due to their ecological importance or their iconic status – are of key importance to the nation. The administration’s approach to conservation should focus on these key landscapes into which we will make our biggest investment.

Bald Eagle (USFWS)

Places like the Chesapeake Bay are home to bald eagles and other quintessential American wildlife.

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Idea #3: National Wildlife Refuges are an essential part of America’s Great Outdoors.

Research shows that these refuges and efforts on nearby private and public lands have been essential to our success in restoring and conserving ducks and other waterfowl. The Refuge System should be at the center of this administration’s Great Outdoors conservation initiative, through the creation of new refuges and expanded support for existing refuges.

Canvassback Duck (USFWS)

Our National Wildlife Refuges provide essential habitat for ducks and other waterfowl.

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How to Cast Your Vote

1. Click on any of the links above.

2. Click the “Promote” link. Just click on the green text (as highlighted below) to cast your vote for our wildlife and the wild places they need to survive.

America's Great Outdoors: How to Vote #1

3. Register your name and email address. Verify your vote by providing your name and email address.

America's Great Outdoors: How to Vote #2

4. Cast another vote! Click another link to make your voice heard:

America’s great outdoors are one of the most important and treasured parts of our county. Please cast your vote today and help us preserve these special places for future generations.

For the Wild Ones,

Tim Male
Vice President of Conservation Policy
Defenders of Wildlife

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