Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From the Inbox: Please Help: Seal Pups on the Edge

Please help: Seal pups on thin ice

Dear Friend,

Ringed seal pups are being forced onto thin ice!

Climate change is having an alarming impact on seal pups, and other animals big and small. These treasured species won’t have a fighting chance in today’s rapidly warming world unless we act now.

Please help today!

Seal pup dens on top of sea ice are melting earlier than normal, due to rising temperatures caused by climate change.

This year’s Gulf oil spill disaster underscores how critical it is that we secure comprehensive clean energy legislation, which will address both the impacts of climate change and our dangerous addiction to fossil fuels. But once again, congressional leaders have chosen to postpone enacting this legislation.

National Wildlife Federation is committed to staying in this fight. Because every day we fail to act, wildlife and wild places in the Arctic, the Gulf, and across the country will continue to suffer.

Please donate to NWF today to help protect seal pups and other animals as they fight against global warming and other threats to their survival.

Future generations—both human and wildlife—will thank you.

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Anne Senft
Vice President, Membership Programs

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