Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the Inbox: The Gulf Spill could still harm millions of migrating birds

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September 2010, Volume 1
Ryan Reynolds on the True Cost of Gas
Invisible Disaster: Fall Migration over the Gulf

Billions of birds will migrate this fall to a Gulf Coast filled with insidious threats. As green herons, yellow legs and flocks of others land in oily marshes to feed on contaminated fish, these birds may suffer from the most grueling migration of their lives -- with tragic but unseen consequences.

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Banning Pesticides From School GroundsBanning Pesticides From School Grounds

New York and Connecticut have banned all chemical pesticides from their schools -- both inside and out. As the school year starts, Smarter Cities gives the lowdown on the bans and their impact nationwide.

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Pre-order Deepwater Horizon: The Oil Disaster, Its Aftermath and Our Future by NRDC Executive Director Peter Lehner with Bob Deans.

Pre-order Deepwater HorizonDeepwater Horizon was supposed to be the cutting edge of energy exploration, but on April 20, BP's dismal safety record came home to roost. The largest offshore oil disaster in U.S. history took place in one of the world's prime fishing grounds and has devastated wildlife and local communities. The first book to appear on the gulf disaster, Deepwater Horizon explores the spill's consequences as well as the policy failures that caused it -- and lays out a blueprint to avoid similar catastrophes in the future.

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Protect the Peace-Athabasca Delta

Home to millions of migratory birds, the Peace-Athabasca Delta in Canada's boreal forest is under threat from tar sands development.

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BP's Missing Research Money

In May, the company pledged $500 million to study the Gulf spill and its long-term impact on people and the environment. Three months later, plans for distributing it remain murky, and critical scientific opportunities could be lost.

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Dale Bryk
Dale Bryk, Director, Air & Energy Program

Clean energy agreement provides jobs, savings for Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

"With stalled clean energy legislation in DC, it's worth a reminder that many states are way ahead of the game, investing in clean energy solutions that are putting people to work, saving taxpayer dollars and creating new small business opportunities."

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