Monday, August 16, 2010

From the Inbox - Tell the EPA Coal Ash is Toxic Waste, not Trash

Dear Friend,

The TVA coal ash spill in December of 2008 that released over a billion gallons of toxic coal ash in Harriman, TN brought into national focus the dangers of this toxic waste that results from burning coal for electricity. While the TVA dam is an extreme case, there are hundreds of leaking coal ash dams across the country.

Up until now, coal ash waste disposal has had little oversight, but now the Environmental Protection Agency has put forth two different proposals for coal ash regulation. The stronger of the two, Subtitle C, would treat coal ash as a hazardous waste with strong federal oversight. Subtitle D would treat coal ash as common household waste without strict oversight.

Neither option, however, deals with the dangerous practice of minefilling, a supposed "beneficial use" that allows industry to dump coal ash into abandoned underground mines, where it can come in contact with groundwater supplies. These waters are oftentimes already impacted by other types of coal pollution.

Click the link below to tell the EPA that coal ash needs to be strictly regulated as a hazardous material under federal enforcement and to address the issue of minefilling before it becomes a loophole in this pending regulation.

The EPA's own science shows the dangerous impact of coal ash contamination. Coal ash cannot be treated like simple household garbage.The health of our families, communities, waterways, and air is at stake. We must demand strong regulations and federal oversight when it comes to coal ash disposal.

Send a public comment to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson today at the link below.

Thank you for taking action,

Willa Mays
Executive Director
Appalachian Voices

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