Friday, August 13, 2010

From the Inbox - Suburban Sprawl to Climate Change

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Pronghorn at Yellowstone National Park

Our national parks protect wildlife and natural wonders.

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Watching a herd of pronghorn move across the sagebrush scattered landscape at Yellowstone-–as I have done many times--is a wonderful experience. I know I want my grandchildren to have the same opportunity to see these amazing creatures in the wild.

But from suburban sprawl to climate change, our national parks and the wildlife and ecosystems they protect face serious threats.

Today, we have a great chance to speak directly to policy-makers about our grave concerns.

The Department of the Interior is conducting a thorough review of our nation's conservation policy. It's up to us to make sure the "America's Great Outdoors" initiative includes a strategy to combat climate change, protection for wildlife migration, and a commitment to cleaning up our waterways.

Making a difference is easy. Just vote in the administration's online "IdeaJam" to help ensure that our children and grandchildren always have a way to connect with America's Great Outdoors and its natural treasures.

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* National Parks help protect Wildlife Corridors

* Comprehensive approach needed to further protect wildlife from climate change

* Sustain major restoration efforts at Everglades and Great Lakes

Vote for each of NPCA's recommendations to make sure our national parks provide the best protection to wildlife and the land.

Voting on the IdeaJam website is a critical part of NPCA's efforts to ensure that national parks are a key component of the "America's Great Outdoors" initiative.

This dialogue will help shape the future of our country's land and wildlife conservation policies, so it's critical for you to make your voices heard.

Millions of people each year travel to our national parks to see the wildlife and other natural wonders. But these amazing experiences could be jeopardized by the catastrophic events of climate change.

We need a coordinated national response to address the impacts of global warming.

Our national parks have a key role to play in all of these missions. I know I can count on you to tell President Obama to support NPCA's vision for the future.


Thomas C. Kiernan

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