Saturday, August 14, 2010

From the Inbox: Good News for America's Mountains

Rainforest Action Network

Dear Friend,

Two years ago, no bank had a policy on coal mining. The most successful banks in the world were happy to finance one of the most destructive forms of mining on Earth, mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR), with no consequences. Not any more.

Thanks to you, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and now Wells Fargo, have all publicly confirmed that they are moving away from bankrolling the destruction of America's mountains. We've shifted an entire powerful industry together. It's remarkable.

Money talks - and it is saying loud and clear that mountaintop removal coal mining is a bad investment. With the move away from MTR, our country's top banks are showing that they know they can do well while doing good for our environment and our public health.

But the fight for America's mountains isn't over. Coal companies, like the notorious Massey Energy, are finding new banks to fund their destructive practices. It's time to finish what we started.

Unlike most of its American counterparts, Swiss banking giant UBS is still in the MTR business.

Tell UBS to follow the lead of the world's biggest banks and stop backing MTR now!

The success in the banking sector is a direct result of YOUR support. All of your emails, demonstrations, direct actions, performances, calls and letters have moved mountains in the banking industry.

Now that we've created a domino effect in the banking sector, let's make it impossible for MTR coal companies to find the cash they would need to blow up America's mountains.

Let UBS know they've got no business destroying America's mountains, and we're not giving up until they stop.

This campaign is proving that people power can challenge corporate power - and win.

It's truly an honor to work with you all, we sincerely couldn't do it without you.

Amanda Starbuck headshot

For a clean energy future,

Amanda Starbuck
Global Finance Campaign Director

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