Saturday, July 31, 2010

From the Inbox: Our World in Focus - Coasts

072910V2 Coast Header
In Brazil, 1,000 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro, is the most diverse concentration of marine life in the South Atlantic. Here, people have lived in harmony with the sea for centuries. As in so much of the world, the balance of this unique ecosystem is under pressure. A small team of Conservation International staff have not only helped protect this area, but extend its boundaries. This is the story of their success—from the coast to the ocean. Dive into Abrolhos.
Green Sea Turtle Abrolhos
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Abrolhos Seascape: The first marine park in Brazil
Successes in Abrolhos
CI Field Programs: Abrolhos
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Thank you to Kathryn Powers and David Morris for uploading their amazing coastal photo to the CI Flickr gallery.
072910 Costa Rica
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Stay tuned for the last edition of Our World in Focus next week.

Masked Booby © CI/Photo by Sterling Zumbrunn 
Green sea turtle off the Santa Barbara Island © Luciano Candisani/iLCP
Beach in Costa Rica © Kathryn Powers and David Morris

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