Monday, September 21, 2009

iPhone RFID: object-based media

Hvis ting man ikke kan se var udstyret med rfid tags ville mange ting blive noget nemmere ... Når en gravemaskine graver tæt ved elektriske ledninger, vandrør eller andre gemte ting i jorden ville det være rart hvis de faktiske objekter i jorden selv kunne fortælle om deres eksistens ... Tænk hvis man kunne udstyre sin gummiged med en rfid sensor på skovlen så ville mange informationer dukke op som man ellers aldrig ser ...

Managing things you can't see you might like it to tell you what it is you don't see ... Digging in the grown near power lines, water pipes or sewers ... Drilling in the walls near electric cables ... It's would be great if you could just swipe you iPhone near the objects and it would give you all the informations needed ...


This is a prototype of an iPhone media player that uses physical objects to control media playback. It is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that triggers various iPhone interactions when in the range of a wireless tag embedded inside a physical object.

This video prototype is basic and intended to open up for discussion and new exploration around the experience of media selection through physical objects. At the moment the interaction is a trigger, but what if the phone doesn’t just react as output but also as input to physical objects? How do we programme and manage our sets of media and applications in these objects?

Overall the demo points towards opportunities around the distribution of media through physical objects, it is an example of general ideas around an ‘internet of things’ or ‘spimes’ applied to the world of media. What opportunities would the distribution of RFID-embedded products open up in terms of media, gaming, services and marketing? What does this mean for the future of products?

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