Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Expanding the Reach of GIS through Web Mapping

Internettet er kommet til kort, men GIS'en lader vente på sig ...

Bringing GIS to the Internet ... That'll be the day ...


New York City has had a pioneering web mapping portal since 2001 with the launch of the Open Accessible Space Information System (OASIS). The system got its start with funding from the Forest Service and a partnership of more than 40 organizations with the purpose of providing open space stewardship. The application has steadily evolved and continues to be at the technological forefront of web mapping. The New York City region is also blessed with one of the more detailed regional planning tools around with the Long Island Index interactive map. Both of these sites are the product of the CUNY Mapping Service and their partners. V1 editor Matt Ball spoke with Steven Romalewski, director of the CUNY Mapping Service at the CUNY Graduate Center, about the current state of web mapping, and the latest capabilities of web mapping tools. [...]

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