Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who Killed Cartography?

Sten, papir, saks ...

Video killed the radio star ...


  • Cartography (for paper maps) is no longer enough. [I'll paraphrase that as Cartography is Dead.]
  • Cloudmade currently have the best cartography of any of the online maps.
  • Street-level images give improved context, whether Street View or other geotagged photos.
  • Street View uses LIDAR to get the building shapes, for the fancy navigation, and bespoke cameras because the high number of images captured broke the shutters in consumer digital cameras. [I'm almost tempted to make an analogy with consumer slippy maps and bespoke GIS there, but I'll refrain.]
  • Privacy concerns about Street View are not universal, or consistent.
  • Kids today don’t know that they are born.
  • 3D with buildings also offers more context.
  • Google use their own plane to capture the oblique images for Building Maker.
  • Location is everywhere (that old chestnut).
  • Paper maps will, in future, have the same relationship to mainstream maps that classical CD’s do to MP3 downloads, by only being of interest to connoisseurs.

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